Chinese recipes

Pickled Radishes

These radishes can either be served on their own, or they can be used as decorative garnishes for other dishes.

Sweet and Sour Cucumber

Cucumbers have been widely cultivated in China for more than two thousand years since their introduction from India where they originated. This vegetable, although very watery, is eaten cooked as well as raw in China.

Chinese Cabbage Salad

Most so-called 'salads'in Chinese cooking are in effect ingredients lightly cooked (usually by blanching) then served cold with a special dressing. Vegetables grown in the West and by modern methods can be served raw quite safely.

Eggs with Tomatoes

The tomato is native of South America and was not introduced into China until the end of the last century. Ideally you should use green, hard tomatoes for this recipe.

Stir-fried Four Treasures

This is a simplified variation of the 'Eight Precious Jewels' dish, rather like the mixed vegetables you get in a frozen packet, but with a difference.

Vegetarian Eight Precious Jewels

In order to make their diet a little more exciting, Chinese vegetarians invented a special cuisine, including vegetarian dishes that simulate meat not only in texture and appearance but in flavour as well. This is one of their best-known dishes called 'eight precious jewels'.

Bean Curd with Mushrooms

This is a purely vegetarian dish. It is refreshing and therefore most welcome when served as the last course after a big and rich feast.

Braised Aubergines

This is another recipe from Sichuan, where it is sometimes called yu-xiang (meaning 'fish-fragrant' or 'fish-flavoured'). But the interesting point is that no fish is used in the recipe - the sauce is normally used for cooking a fish dish, and hence the name.