Chinese cooking

Chinese cooking techniques

Chinese cooking has ten core techniques: marinating, stir-frying, steaming, blanching, deep-frying, braising, red cooking, roasting, smoking, and microwaving. Yes, microwaving.

Equipment guide

The true tastes and flavours of China can be achieved through the appropriate cooking techniques, and proper technique requires proper equipment. While not absolutely essential for cooking Chinese food, there are a few items which will make it very much easier.

Chinese cooking utensils

It's true, to some extent, that no special tools or materials are required for cooking Chinese food. But the cook's task will be much easier if he or she has a wok and and a Chinese Cleaver, the two basic implements in the Chinese battérie de cuisine that are considered essential if you wish

Kitchen layout

As so much Chinese cooking requires fast work at the wok, it is vital that the kitchen be well laid out in order to avoid the kind of confusion which might spoil a dish.

Chopsticks & tableware

Does Chinese food taste any better when eaten with chopsticks? If you regard eating with the fingers as natural, then just think of chopsticks as an extension of your fingers.