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Since 1998 Chopstix™ has been featured in every UK newspaper and many magazines. Here are a few of the lovely things said:

  • “The last word on Chinese cooking.” – Caterer and Hotelkeeper.
  • “Everything you want to know about Chinese cookery.” – Sunday Times.
  • “I particularly enjoy a site produced in the UK called Chopstix, which is truly dedicated to Chinese cookery. I use it to source new ideas.” – Ken Hom.
  • “I love Chinese food, and it’s not an area I can claim to be an expert in. As well as getting to know about recipes and techniques, I love the idea of sending questions to an oriental cookery team, and getting back the answers.” – Kevin Woodford.
  • “There’s so much on the menu in this nicely produced site that I can only suggest you dip in and savour the flavour yourselves.” – Time Out.
  • “The top venue for authoritative writing on Chinese food.” – The Good Web Guide to Food.
  • “An appealling expression of someone’s personal interest. Very effective. It made me hungry.” – Evan Rudowski, Yell UK Web Awards.

Our original website introduction from 1998, from founder Ian Fenn:

My first memory of Chinese food is actually rather unpleasant. I can’t remember how old I was, but remember, like yesterday, what happened. My parents bought a bottle of Oyster sauce during a visit to a Chinese supermarket. Back at home the meal was served. Yuk! Without instructions in English, they’d emptied the entire bottle in.

Years later I started going out with a beautiful girl whose mother was Chinese. Sadly her mother had passed away many years before, but her Auntie remained and one Sunday afternoon I found myself sitting on a couch while my suitability as a boyfriend was queried. Did I have a job? Did I drive a car? My girlfriend answered truthfully to both questions: “No. No.” Much to my surprise I was ushered into the dining room where a gigantic feast was waiting.

I can’t remember all of the dishes – my brain has mischievously added in favourites from later visits! That said, I am pretty sure there was Steamed Fish, Won Ton Soup, Steamed Rice, Glutinous Rice and Chinese sausage, Chinese Vegetables, Roast Belly of Pork, and Roast duck.

And so began a very different love affair. Ever since that day, my interest in Chinese food has grown. Chopstix™ is the result.

Who would have thought we would still be here in 2015, having served recipes and other information to a loyal audience for seventeen years? We’re sincere when we say thank you for visiting.

Restaurant consulting

Chopstix™ founder Ian Fenn is available to advise restaurants and food professionals on editorial matters including menu design, social media and website strategy. Previous clients include the renowned Lee Fook, Hunan, and the critically acclaimed Felix Yu restaurant. Please contact us for further information.

Food writing

Ian Fenn devised and launched the UKTV Food (now Good Food Channel) website as editor and producer. He has written for BBC Good Food magazine, Time Out, and also completed over 80 reviews for the Square Meal restaurant directory. Please contact us if you would like him to write on Chinese food or restaurants for your publication.

About our trademark

The Intellectual Property Office of the UK Government advised Chopstix Media Limited to add ‘TM’ to Chopstix in December 2000. We have used our mark (Chopstix™) consistently to represent this website and related business activities since 2001.