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Recommended Chinese restaurants: London, UK

These Chinese restaurants in London are recommended for their authenticity and have been provided with a Chopstix™ window sticker to alert potential diners.

Sliced chicken with ham and broccoli

This is a famous Cantonese dish which is both itself colourful and has a rather colourful name: 'golden flower and jade tree chicken'.

Chicken wings assembly

'Assembly' is a translation of the Chinese word hui, which refers to food re-cooked in gravy thickened with cornflour.

Diced chicken with sweet bean sauce

This is a Peking dish which is simple and easy to prepare.

Diced chicken and pork

This is a Peking dish. The pork must be the tenderest fillet (called tenderloin in the USA); when cooked, its colour turns to a pale white, almost the same as chicken breast, but with a subtle difference in taste and texture.

Hot chillis and diced chicken

Also known as 'Kung Bo' or 'Gong Bao' chicken, this is another famous Sichuan dish that has become popular throughout the world. It is reputed to have been one of Chairman Mao's favourites.

Diced chicken in hot bean sauce

We are now in Sichuan, famous for its richly flavoured and piquant dishes. The chilli bean paste called for in his recipe can be substituted by crushed yellow bean paste mixed with chilli sauce.

Chicken balls and mushrooms

Do not be deceived by the name of this dish into thinking that we are using a certain part of the chicken's anatomy: the balls are in fact chicken meat cut into small pieces so that when they are cooked, they will look like little round balls.

Diced chicken and lychees

This recipe is traditionally given to a young person on reaching puberty as an extra boost to his or her reproductive system.